PMP Architectures

PMP Architectures is an Architect Office, specialized in ETICS, resurfacing, rehab of facades and sealing.

Studies and follow-up offered by PMP Architectures on all projects demonstrate the know-how of our engineers-architects who can handle both architectural and technical constraints.

PMP Architectures is also taking full advantage of collaborating with the other companies of the group, reinforcing its service offer (thermal diagnostics, decontamination, etc.).


61 Secrétant

Renovation of facades with thermal insulation from the outside and replacement of railings. Waterproofing of accessible and non-accessible terraces and replacement of external joinery.

Lys bagatelle

Waterproofing of facades. Treatment and replacement of stapled stones of the facades and repair of metal surfaces and woodwork. Treatment of existing ETICS. Repair of balconies to ensure waterproofing protection.


Complete renovation with identical mosaic on all facades. Treatment of the facades of the building (cleaning, water-repellent protection...). Waterproofing repair of all accessible and inaccessible terraces. Awarding of the GESTE D'OR for the quality of the operation.

8 Allée des Palombes
77185 LOGNES
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8 Allée des Palombes
77185 LOGNES